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Best Blues Streams Around The World

American Blues Network - A 24 hour Blues streaming radio station out of Gulfport, Mississippi. Simply CLICK HERE to listen

ABS Bluescast - The Atlanta Blues Society internet radio station dedicated to playing music from other Blues Societies around the world.  Click Here to listen. - Blues from Korea? YES! Click Here to listen. - If you love COUNTRY BLUES try this! Click Here to listen.

Blues Radio UK  - These English Chaps got it goin on! Click Here to listen.

Bluepower - John Rhys has a great little website with a large archive of great music to listen to. John's blog shows are a great resource.  Each week he offers some great streaming music in his shows. Check out the website for all he offers.  For a sample of the podcast streams his shows offers check out this recent show about Blues giant T-Bone Walker. CLICK HERE to listen now.

Blues Magazine  (France) France's Blues Magazine will tap you into the real Blues scene in France. There's a ton of information and links cool to French Blues fans (and others) including a link to some 24/7 streaming Blues radio. Unfortunately it is all in French so if you are not fluent in French you will be lost like we were when you get to this webpage.  It is still kinda fun to look around and poke a bit anyway. If you are persistent you will eventually find the streaming link like we did. No worries though, we have figured it out for you. Simply CLICK HERE.

SWEET HOME CHICAGO - (France) Site is in French! Not really a live streaming station but a one hour Blues radio program that you can listen to anytime via a stream. They talk in French. They play some great Blues. Click Here to listen to the most recent show.

Le Blues Café - (France) Site is in French! Not really a live streaming station but another Blues radio program that you can listen to anytime via a stream. To listen you can visit the website and click on the word ECOUTEZ on the left side menu or simply   Click Here to listen. You can pick from the current show or past shows with their player.

BellyUp4Blues - Listener supported Rockin' Blues Click Here to listen. - Canada's Internet radio service offers a variety of music styles. They have two flavors of Blues music. Click HERE for country blues HERE for "spectrum" blues.

Midnight Special Blues Radio - this Blues streaming radio station plays the music of up and coming Blues Rock artists. It was started as a non-commercial project with the goal of promoting the music of independent Blues and Blues Rock artists all around the world. Simply CLICK HERE to listen

Blue Ears - Blues from Paramaribo / Surinam (South America) Click Here to listen. - Blues from Poland? YUP! Blues is HUGE in Poland. Page is in Polish. Click the Play button if you cant read Polish. Click Here to listen.

Radio Time - This is a free internet radio site that has claims more than 5000+ channels in all styles and subjects.  You can choose stations by style.  Looking under Blues we selected the following Station: 1.FM - Blues   Blues  from Milpitas,  California  Player Type: MP3  To go directly to this stream and listen, CLICK HERE

They have several more listings for Blues, many of which can be found on our website page of  Blues Music Streams. Click HERE to check it out!


Secret Museum Of The Air  - World music from old 78s. Lots of old blues records on these recorded radio shows.

WWOZ - New Orleans Public radio. Blues at various times. HERE or HERE to listen.

WEVL - Public radio in Memphis, Tennessee. Click Here to listen.

WROX Radio - Clarksdale, Mississippi. Click Here to listen. - A great Internet Blues stream dedicated to the proliferation and preservation of America's great blues traditions.

KQQX - Internet Blues radio in San Jose, California. Click Here to listen. - HERE or HERE to listen.

Loud City Blues channel

Pandora Radio - the Music Genome Project - Create a radio "Station" of the music you love! Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go. This site covers ALL styles of music. OK so you do have to sign up for this one but it is WELL worth it. Did we mention it is FREE!

A World Of Blues  from Garden Valley, Ca is a new Blues site offering you 24/7 Streaming Blues. After listening for several hours we were really impressed with their music selection. They have both Live DJ shows and canned streams depending on the time of day. Check this one out!  Click Here to to go directly to the stream.

Rocket 88 - Blues, Surf ,Zydeco and more. Click Here to listen.

Dem' Shaggin Blues - With Dr. Philgood 24X7. Click Here to listen.

Blues Sushi Radio - Blues 24 X 7 X 365 Click Here to listen.

WGLT FM 89.1 GLT BLUES 24 X 7  Normal, IL Click HERE to listen

what da flavor blues - Click Here to listen to da Blues flavor.

The Raven 'n' the Blues
60 minute show of the best in blues on BFBS Radio & Skybird Radio,
every Friday evening at 7:00pm. You can listen to the archived shows and more CLICK HERE to listen to the latest show now.

Note: Links in RED use WinAmp media player - see notes below!

VERY IMPORTANT! - Like what you hear on Internet Radio? The Recording Industry Association of America wants to stop us from enjoying free streaming radio on the internet. Save Net Radio tells of these efforts.  CLICK HERE to find out more and how how YOU the Blues fan can help!

 SHOUTcast - Find free music streams in any genre or style.

Problems Listening?

Most of these sites offer the streams in either Winamp, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player format. Some of them offer it in all three. If you experience difficulty, click on the link to the site on the left and try to launch the stream from there. You may need to download the latest version of the media players needed for a site below. Back to top

TRY THIS - The links in RED above all use WinAmp player so once you load one of them you can just go down the page and click on any of the others to instantly change channels. COOL!

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