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Anthony Moser - Transhuman Blues

Self Release

The first thing that jumps out of my mouth on hearing this Chicago native’s first release is the word unrealized. Sounds mostly like “works in progress”. His desire to sound different mostly ends up sounding unusual. Something like David Bromberg gone wrong. His guitar technique is refreshing at times. Marty Sammon who currently tours with Buddy Guy’s band offers his fine piano playing in a jazz or traditional blues style. The rhythm section is adequate.

“One Percent” and the other track that is recorded in front of a live audience suffer from the loud crowd noise throughout. Anthony’s guitar playing veers from swinging to amateurish on this tune. The lyrics and delivery of “Got It All” are just plain dopey. The boogie-woogie piano on this tune is just superb. A mesmerizing Dobro riff out front is the highlight of the title track. Sort of like a modern day Son House.

“Back & Forth” is an old timey sounding swing tune with a slapped upright bass providing the push. An attempt at being current, “Google Is Listening” falls on its face. An alternative tango is offered on “Test II”, were mundane lyrics such as “Will you take me home with you and wrap me in a tire?” mars an otherwise musically sound song. What sounds like a whistling tape defect pervades the slow and deliberate “Blue Darkness”. A cover of T-Bone Walker’s “That Old Feeling Is Gone” is the only blues here. It has that sloppy after hours vibe, which is meant as a compliment.

What transpires here is more like a rehearsal that wasn’t ready or intended for release. The production values shouldn’t have allowed for loud audience noise throughout two songs. Anthony’s voice is reminiscent of Steve Forbert, hence I suppose the goofy vocals are intentional. Ok I understand this is a debut effort, but the songs and guitar playing could have used some tightening up. Hopefully he gets it together with stronger material. The band he uses here is topnotch. If he looks upon this release as a training ground for the big leagues, the effort will not have been wasted. Here’s hoping for good things in the future.

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta.

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