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Bonnie Bramlett - Beautiful

Rockin’ Camel

Bonnie Bramlett is a famous person who pretends not be famous. I remember her when she was singing as a young girl around St. Louis in all the blues bars. That was when she was called Bonnie Lynn O’Farrell when she was living in Alton Illinois. She moved off to the big city some years later and we all in Alton forgot about her. Then about 1969 or around that time I heard her on the radio with Eric Clapton and saw her on a Grammy show and I guess the rest was history. She’s been in and out of the spotlight since then, I’ve been told, but I really hadn’t heard much from her until I was in a record store about a week back and saw her on the cover of this album. I picked it up and gave it a listen.

She really got me going with the first tune. It sounded like those old Malaco Records I used to listen to, with what they call southern fried soul now. The song called “Sure Got A Way With My Heart” made me remember those old Denise LaSalle records, man. It also made me remember how good Bonnie was singing soul music. “Witness For Love” kind of had that same punch. I wasn’t quite convinced at first with the slow piano but then the horns kicked in and really got my foot tapping. The third song turns on some swampy rock. Sounds like some old song Ike & Tina Turner used to do. You know Bonnie was an Ikette back in the day right? A couple more tracks in she redoes the old song “For What It’s Worth” with some funky guitar and soul sounding vocals. Then, she hits you again with some more swamp rock on “Shake Something Loose.”

The only thing I don’t like about this album is that some of the songs sound preachy or it sounds a little too country and western for my taste. “Beautiful” and “Some of My Best Friends” are a little too straight forward for my taste. I guess she’s trying to pass on a message but it gets lost on me. She did some gospel work in the 80s I am a bit familiar with so I guess she feels its her duty to pass on the good word. Some folks might not like that too much. I really don’t think it’s a reason not to buy the album though. It’s got some good funk and soul in it that will make anyone happy.

By Jeremiah "Little Junior" James

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