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Bill Edwards - That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

Self Release


Horn-driven R&B, soul and blues are on the menu for Bill Edwards’ first release. His strong and warm blue-eyed soul pipes and songwriting skills are at the forefront on this collection of band originals along with two cover tunes. His take on soul music is of the summer drive variety, smooth and pleasing to digest. He learned his skills as the lead singer of the New York based band Mrs. English, as well as various studio work. The production team of Bill Edwards and Donald Benjamin construct a sturdy and clean sound.

“Twelve Step Program” is about being hooked on a bad love as the narrator declares that-“I need to start my group called you anonymous”. The use of horns and girl backing vocals takes you back to the old days in a good way. Down-home acoustic guitar starts off “Your Presence Is Requested” then quickly morphs into an electric blues groove including a hot guitar solo courtesy of Joe Mennonna. The confirmed bachelor of the song relates his story of becoming hooked by a woman.

The tongue-in-cheek soul-blues shuffle “Love Ought To Come With Instructions” displays the care given to the lyric writing on the age-old predicament of relationships. The bluesiest song here “Oh No No” is a foot-stomper were harmonica player extraordinaire Corrin Huddleston pushes the groove along with the percussion. Liquid courage used to get up the nerve to approach a woman, as provided by tequila, is the subject of “Powered By Patron”, that includes a biting Nicky Moroch guitar solo turn.

The best example of the production skills is the seamless soul-stroll of “Loving You”, were every piece fits just right. “Careful What You Wish For” comes in as a close second in the smooth-soul song sweepstakes here. The two cover songs- Denise Lasalle’s “Steppin’ Out” and Jackie Brenston’s “Rocket ‘88” are given pretty straight readings.

The best qualities of the hey-day of sweet soul music, with only a touch of blues, are given a fresh treatment here. Bill Edwards and associates have learned their lessons well. These techniques have been applied to the songwriting process to create something wholly new and rewarding.

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta.

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