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Blind Willy - Willing to Crawl

Spec Records

5 tracks

“Willing to Crawl” is one hot and interesting little 5 track EP! Memphis Producer Doug Jones does the vocals, guitars, and harmonica on the CD and co-wrote all the tracks. Other folk who helped write the songs were Chris Anderson (The Outlaws), Joanna Cotten, Tommy Polk, and Daryl Burgess. Johnny Neel is featured on keys; he has worked with the Allman Brothers. James Cook on bass, Derek Mixon on bass, Chris West on sax, Adam Jones on trombone, and backup vocals are by Cotten and Cook.

Two of the tracks have some big-time notoriety. The title track "Willing to Crawl" has been featured in HBO vampire series "True Blood" while "Sweat" was used in "The Dukes of Hazard: The Beginnings" on the big screen. ”Crawl” is a big sounding guitar anthem sort of song, with a wailing six string and forthright vocals by Jones. Neel’s work on keys is an echoing and solid presence in the background and round out this track nicely. “Sweat” takes a different turn, funking it up a bit with the sax and horn and Jones calling to his woman on “how he just wants to make you sweat”. The keyboard sound is more forward and punctuates the beat well.

The CD opens with “Living the Blues” with Jones showing us his ace harp work. The song is perhaps a CCR like piece, with nice little bounce to the beat. Backing vocals are strong, and the solos are tight. Jones’ vocals are understated and a little reserved; he’s not trying to blow you away but he definitely makes a statement when he has to. This track was also featured in the last Blues Revue CD Sampler. On “My Little Feelgood” Dan Cohen adds his guitar to the mix. The track opens with interesting mixed conversational sounds overlaying the bouncing musical intro. The horn and especially the trombone are intertwined in this in a cool manner, but Jones harp solo is perhaps the highlight. Very much in a New Orleans style, this one’s another winner. “Leave the Light On” is the slow number on the CD, with Jones taking the tempo down and selling it well. Neel’s keys are my favorite part of this piece along with Jones’ laid back guitar work.

I was really impressed with this CD and hope that Jones and the band produce a complete CD. Their sound is exceptional, the songs are solid and the production sounds clean. This is an outstanding effort!!

Reviewer  Steve Jones is secretary of the Crossroads Blues Society in Rockford. IL.

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