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Blue VooDoo
Hot Wire (My Heart)
Pure Air Music

Info: 660-341-9008

By James “Skyy Dobro” Walker
12 songs; 52:11 minutes; Recommended

True of False: “There ain’t no right or wrong way to play the blues”? That line is from the last cut on Blue VooDoo’s third album, Hot Wire (My Heart). If the statement is false, then we blues fans and critics can merrily continue our intellectual and pseudo-intellectual arguments about what tis the blues, and what taint. Obviously arguing for “truth,” the sultry and accomplished lead vocalist for the Kirksville MO quartet, B.J. Allen, sings that as long as the music “starts deep down in your heart / Till it seeps down to your shoes” then there isn’t a right or wrong way to play the blues. Sounds like an argument starter to me!

Here is some inarguable truth: Hot Wire (My Heart) is a great rocking-blues album. All twelve tracks are winners, and eleven tracks were penned by either Fuller or Hurd as the band continues to develop their own blues signature. Now in their 5th season, Blue Voodoo has already logged two performances at the International Blues Challenge (2005 and 2006) and their previous release, "The Storm", was a semi-finalist in the "Best Self-Produced CD" competition at IBC 2006. 

Jerry Fuller’s 36-seconds piano opening to Track 6, “Blue As Blues Can Get” is so good I would buy the album even if that was the only song on it. After Fuller sets the mood on this slow blues number, J.P. Hurd fills the sound on bass along with David Daniels on drums. Just as the song begins to sound like Eric Clapton’s “Old Love,” Allen’s voice sadly and softly comes in relating her sorrowful and solitary plans for the evening. From there her powerful voice wells up in volume and hurt while plaintively punctuated by Fuller’s added guitar track. No song ever needs to be better than that!

Simply said, I’m entranced: Blue VooDoo, go do those voodoo blues that you do so well!

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