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Brad Hatfield - Uphill from Anywhere


11 songs; 41:59 minutes

Styles: Traditional Blues, Gospel-Influenced Blues; Modern Electric Blues

When artists play and sing the blues, they reveal one perennial truth about life: it’s hardly ever an easy journey. Sometimes, as in the case of Cincinnati’s Brad Hatfield, it can be “Uphill From Anywhere.” Paralyzed at the age of 25 in a construction accident, Hatfield discovered that his guitar days were numbered due to limited use of his hands. After a lengthy stint of rehabilitation, he found his new instrument of inspiration: the harmonica. Even though he didn’t start playing it until his early 30’s, he has now achieved a level of skill that some lifelong blues harpists envy! Not only that, but his lyrical prowess is undeniably keen. Out of eleven songs on his debut release, all but two (House and Finnigan‘s “Death Letter” and W. Johnson’s “John the Revelator”) are originals. Here are three of his finest, displaying his talent most clearly:

Track 02: “Fit to be the Fool”--In this grungy shuffle stomp, Brad laments: “I’m an educated man, ‘cause you took me to school. All my diplomas say I’m the Master of Fools!” When it comes to being duped by a duplicitous dame, our protagonist knows he was born to play the part. “I’ve been there before, baby. When will I ever learn?” One thing’s clear here: experience is not always the greatest teacher. If one listens closely, one can also enjoy guest star Dave Gross’ acoustic guitar licks playing along with Jon Justice’s electric guitar!

Track 04: “She Got Time”—The female subject of this song can fit everything into her busy schedule except our jilted narrator! “She got time for the news, got time for the blues, time for her mama, she got time for you. Time to pay the bills, got time for the pills. She even got time to make a mountain from a molehill…Yeah, my girl got time, but she ain’t got time for me.” This is “Uphill from Anywhere’s” best selection. It claims the Triple Crown of witty lyrics, precise instrumentation, and a rollicking beat maintained by Scot Hornick on bass and Michael Bram on drums that will set one’s toes to tapping!

Track 05: “Somebody’s Got to Lose”--We can’t all be number one in life, but the album’s fifth track, a ballad, is a top contender. The most thrilling aspects of it are Brad Hatfield’s harp and Bernie Hatfield’s Wurlitzer, highlighting two of the best traditional blues instruments. “I guess it’s my turn,” the previously girlfriend-stealing Brad states matter-of-factly when he finds out the object of his desire has been taken. This perfect song for sports and dating fans will make a winner out of anyone who listens to it!

When the road of life leads “Uphill from Anywhere,” let Brad Hatfield’s music ease its steep incline. In Cincinnati blues, he’s the real McCoy!

Reviewer Rainey Wetnight is a 32 year old female Blues fan. She brings the perspective of a younger blues fan to reviews. A child of 1980s music, she was strongly influenced by her father’s blues music collection.

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