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Cee Cee James - Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl

FWG Records

Cee Cee James is a blues-rock singer who resides in the state of Washington.

I liked the guitar intro on the title cut 'Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl and Yes, Cee Cee James does sound like Janis Joplin sometimes on this track. 'Black Rain' is a cool track with some nice harmonica by Michael Wilde. I especially like 'Love Makes Change'. It has a catchy hook and is a very contemporary song. 'Desert Blues' with a Bo Didley beat is also quite good. 'Roll Me Over' has an American Indian feel to it and the spiritual lyrics to 'Make It To The Other Side' is also interesting.

'I'll Ask The Question, You Tell The Lies' is a fun novelty song that I think will get radio airplay. 'White Picket Fence' and the sexy, 'Watermelon Juicy' are songs geared to the rock genre but the feeling Cee Cee James puts into 'Done Love Wrong' showed me she has the blues and it comes from her soul. 'Spirit Of Shaman' is another inspired American Indian song.

I could make comparisons to Janis Joplin in Cee Cee James voice but when I listened to the CD I got to know her more. She has her own voice. It can be smooth, earthy, sexy and downright soulful plus she has a great collection of songs.

I also enjoyed her band. I can tell they are seasoned veterans. The most important thing to me is I like the sound of this CD. It has particular sound from beginning to the end. I listen to a lot of CDs from artists who are all over the place musically. In my opinion Cee Cee and her band have created their own sound.

Blues traditionalists won't like this CD. There are no shuffles or Stormy Monday's. This is a blues-rock album, recorded and performed well by a lady who has a passion for her music!

Reviewer Michael Packer  is a singer-guitarist from NYC who fronts his own band "The Michael Packer Blues Band". He has been performing for over 40 years and has recorded on major labels Atlantic and RCA.

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