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Commander Cody - Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers

Blind Pig Records

If you u read my by-line at the end of this review I've been playing music a long time. The critics started calling my music blues I assumed they did that because I was old. Well Commander Cody, his real name George Frayne, is old but the Commander can still rock with the best of them. The traditionalists wont call this CD the Blues but I will because the blues is a feeling and Commander Cody with no doubt has the blues. He is an historic musical icon.

The party begins with some boogie piano by the Commander and nice slide guitar by Mark Emerick on "Roll Yer Own'"..'Tennessee Plates" reminds me of the band Dire Straits especially the vocal by Commander Cody. "Wine do yer Stuff' written by William Farlow and Cody is truly a country classic. 'Lone Ranger', Semi-Truck are country tunes complete with pedal steel played by Chris 'Tiny' Olsen. 'Down and Out' is a traditional song about losing it all. One of the funniest songs on the records is 'Seven Eleven' with Miss Marie Spinosa of the Crowmatix singing 'stealing at the Seven Eleven', in the background. I understand why Blues aficionados won't consider this a Blues recording especially when they hear the country gem 'Seeds and Stems' sung by Circe Link. It belongs in Nashville not Memphis. Commander Cody can sure boogie though as on 'It's Going to be one of those nights" and " OK Hotel'.

I had the privilege of opening for Commander Cody with my band at a club in New Jersey and seeing first hand Cody perform "They Kicked Me Out of the Band". He started the song with a shot of booze and a toast to the audience. Very fitting. He puts on a great show and his admirers love him. On "Losers Avenue", Cody takes the cruise down losers avenue with some very good piano playing. This CD is like hanging out in your neighborhood bar complete with ".Last call for Alcohol". The final cut is the "No No Song" by Hoyt Axton.

This album was recorded in Woodstock NY and produced by Aaron "Prof. Louie' Hurwitz who got his nickname from the late Rick Danko of the Band. Prof. Louie put his exceptional skills as musician and producer to create an outstanding testimony to Commander Cody's music. A fine record, great musicianship, entertaining and most of all true to Commander Cody. This is what he does.

I remember sending some of my music to  Blind Pig records and they said, "That's not blues". Well hey this ain't Blues either but it is great music and I am happy you took a chance with Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers.

I think you will be glad you did. Commander Cody is no loser.

Reviewer Michael Packer  is a singer-guitarist from NYC who fronts his own band "The Michael Packer Blues Band". He has been performing for over 40 years and has recorded on major labels Atlantic and RCA.

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