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Dave Herrero - Austin to Chicago

What a joy it is when you hear something fresh and done a little different. Right off I want to tell you that I think this is one of the best sounding CDs I have heard this year. It sounds like it was recorded in the 50s.

Dave starts out with a song by Don Robey. When it starts, you kind of think you are going to hear a cover of “Sweet Home Chicago,” but after a couple of bars, it completely changes. “I Don't Believe” is an unusual song about a guy telling his lady just that, “I Don't Believe you let me go after treating him the way he liked.” He says, “If you didn't want me around, you should‘ve put my love on the shelf.” Dave’s Stratocaster work on this is stupendous; it gave me cold chills. His Texas sound on “I Don’t Believe” shows some Jimmie Vaughn, Stevie Ray, Kid Ramos, Nick Curran, and Anson Funderburgh influences -- on steroids with a twist! His finger plucking is phenomenal. Dave has a Texas / California jump sound to him. I was amazed at the clarity of his voice on this and the other songs on this CD.

Track # 3, “Doggie Blue” and all but two others were written by Dave Herrero and Felix Reyes. “Doggie Blue” goes a totally different way than the first track. It sounds like an old Leadbelly song with acoustic guitar and slide. It is done very well.

Track # 4 track is an extremely slow blues song, down and dirty, titled “Leave Me Be.” It’s done in a Texas and Muddy Waters style with absolutely great harmonica from Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff. Again Dave shows off his great singing talents.

Tracks # 6 and the final track, # 10, are the same song done with a nifty little twist. Track # 6 is “What Could Have Been,” and # 10 is “What Could Have Been (Reprise).” I vote for the #10 track with its extra reverb on the voices and guitar and really doctored up from the prior, but both are very nice to listen to. What a way to end a fine CD!

So, why don't you go out and give yourself the Blues and buy this CD. No, buy two and give one to a friend.

Review by Tom “The Energizer” Schlesinger

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