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Dave Hoffheimer Band - King Pin



Say what? A few words can be deciphered through the guitar haze. Cool acid-drenched guitar pierces through the fuzzy ether. I wouldn’t even call this blues rock. More an excuse for guitar histrionics, which I must admit are a guilty pleasure in the hands of this rockin’ Wilmette, Illinois band. A studio-added horn section is of no real consequence to this hard-rock haze. Heck I like good hard rock as much as the next guy, but don’t look for any messages here.

The production IS crisp. The bass lines travel around nicely and following those snaky guitar lines can be a fun journey. On one tune it gurgles, another it wah-wahs, God knows what else! Girl vocals appear at times. I won’t attempt to make heads or tails out of any messages that may be here. I get bits and pieces of words at times…..not often. Oh….I hear some piano tinkling buried underneath here somewhere. Some organ washes. More girl vocals.

This guitarist sure churns out some fast, clean and burning licks. Ok here is something approaching blue-rock. Now the vocalist has a nice hard-rock sheen to his voice. I guess this is a good place to cop and polish up on your guitar skills. The producer really knows his stuff on how to get good separation of this speed-freak playing exhibition. Alright a nice blues-rock riff. Hey I’m open-minded; I like different types of music, but don’t expect me to sit through this entire guitar riff-a-rama. I really don’t think words are the point here. I won’t even try to differentiate between songs.

You need a description? Take your AC-DC, Grand Funk Railroad, Motorhead, Foghat, Canned Heat, Blue Cheer and etcetera records and throw those puppy-dogs into your Cuisinart and blend to a frothy fare-thee-well and chuck it on your player and blow your sneakers off.

Some neat Hendrix-twiddling and guitar neck-strangling on the last track. A nice wah-wah workout. If they could get the vocals to where you could make heads or tails out of them, this would have appeal for head-bangers. Ok, now the words are getting clear on the last song about a blackbird. My job is to describe the music; I dare anyone else to do a better job under these conditions. Seriously these guys can rip off some neat licks.

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta. He is the proprietor of Bluesdog’s Doghouse at

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