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EG Kight - It’s Hot In Here

M.C. Records

12 songs; 52:59 minutes; Splendid

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Vocal showcase, Southern Blues-Rock

EG Kight is known as “The Georgia Songbird,” and her latest album is a wonderful showcase of her signature sultry vocals. This is a CD for lovers and romantics as EG weaves her way through slow-dance numbers to upbeat romps. On eight of the twelve numbers, EG will take two lovers through songs both sentimental and humorous to which they can relate by “Been there; done that” or “That’s sad; please don’t let that happen to us.”

The other four cuts range from fun and lighthearted (“You Can’t Take It With You”) to lyrics about an old-fashioned Southern church meeting (“Pass the Plate”) to a trip down memory lane (“House of the Rising Sun”).

Kight’s website biography reveals, “Distraught after a teenage heartbreak she penned her first song at sixteen, a pivotal moment that gave birth to a songwriter. She discovered the ability to grasp the emotion, write about it, put it to music, and tell the story from the heart.... She wants to touch a feeling or sentiment in every lyric and in every note.” To better help the listener appreciate that ability, the lyrics are thoughtfully included in the liner notes. EG gives co-writing credits to Tom Horner, among others, on eight numbers.

Kight’s blues are as rich as a cup of Kona coffee and go down just as smoothly. If your taste in music is, exclusively, the hard driving, whiskey drinking, ass kicking variety, then this CD is not for you. Those folks will call this album “syrupy and sentimental.” Personally, I can enjoy both types; it is all about the timing. Perhaps it is the difference between a raucous Friday night party where one meets someone and makes a date and the subsequent Saturday night date for being considerate and romantic.

For that romance, there are three beautifully sung numbers that have a female voice with an impact like a Patsy Cline. Two are great for slow dancing “I’m New At This” and “Roses and Promises.” “Sugar,” at mid-tempo, is as sweet as the title. Both “Sugar” and “Roses...” feature just-right piano by Graham Guest while Doug McMinn adds some unbelievable, Goodman-esque clarinet to “Sugar.”

The set certainly does not begin at slow tempo; “I Want You Just ‘Cause I Want You” is a full-studio production number with horns added to requisite guitars, bass, drums, and keys by Paul Hornsby. Quick to follow, the title track then rips through the speakers, this time with Tim Hooper on both piano and organ opening and underpinning. Sean Farley adds a nice guitar solo run at mid-song soon followed by a solo bass line by Andy Seal. There are no less than 20 guests throughout the CD.

Radio ready and appearing on my “Friends of the Blues Radio Show” this week is the upbeat and humorous fourth track with Bob Margolin on slide guitar, “Then There’s The Truth” (as in “...there’s what you tell me baby, then there’s the truuuuth”).

Ken Wynn plays some delicate guitar notes with Gil Gillis’ mandolin in support of a beautiful sentiment in “Through The Eyes of A child.” The only misstep in this set is an ordinary cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” With the team Kight had behind her, surely they could have written and created one more jewel.

In EG’s own words from the liner notes, “...I can’t think of anything more healing than music. I hope you enjoy this album, and I hope it lifts your spirit and makes you smile. Keep a song in your heart.” From this CD, you’ll have a song in your heart and at least a couple stuck in your head!

Reviewer James “Skyy Dobro” Walker is a noted Blues writer, DJ and Blues Blast contributor. His weekly radio show “Friends of the Blues” can be heard each Thursday from 4:30 – 6:00pm on WKCC 91.1 FM in Kankakee, IL

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