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Everett Smithson Band - Mad Dog        

Simmontree Records

By Tom “The Energizer” Schlesinger

This C.D. is Great! I figured I would pick out my favorite three songs and write about them. After seven to eight listens, I wanted to write about every one of them. I can not say enough about this, their third C.D. Every song is done very well, no, wait, how 'bout exceptionally well.

I did finally pick a favorite though, a rocking cover song by R. Penniman, “Long Tall Sally.”  Kathleen Smithson (vocals, accordion, and washboard) has a Brenda Lee kind of a voice, sexy with a down home kind of charm, but with attitude. She really belts it out when she wants to and makes this older cover song sound like it’s her own. This song has three leads in it that were done very tastefully.

This is a very strong Minnesota band with the powerful Jimmie Vaughn style of lead guitar by Phil Schmid. That knocked my out! Barrel house piano by Bruce McCabe would make Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis proud, and even Bill Black on stand up bass got his fingers going on a lead part in “Long Tall Sally.” Jeremy Johnson’s drum rhythms made it good dance music; I could not sit still.

"Give Me the Right," track six, is a slow ballad by Wise Blagman that will make you want to slow dance with your sweetie. "Kingsnake" has Kathleen banging on the accordion in Zydeco style.

Evertt takes credit for three of these songs to be his own. When he sings, you think Howlin’ Wolf or Omar Dykes is in the house. He is also a very good harp player.

This album does everything from rocking blues to great dance music - fast and slow, dynamite harp, some rock and roll 50s style guitar, Zydeco, and there’s even a funky tune that made me think the next C.D. in my changer came on by accident.

I highly recommend this C.D. You will really get your money's worth. Great Job to the Everett Smithson Band!   

Reviewer Tom “The Energizer” Schlesinger is a long time blues fan and veteran of many a Blues Cruise and Blues Festival.

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