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Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman, Roxanne Potvin
Time Bomb

Ruf Records
11 songs; 40:45 minutes;

Canadian Sue Foley is the driving force behind this project album that delivers three great guitar playing, singing, and songwriting women within the context of a Blues caravan. All three artists play tribute to the powers of focus and collaboration. Two years ago, Foley put together a two-CD compilation for Ruf Records called “Blues Guitar Women.” The album featured over two dozen female artists playing both traditional and contemporary blues.

The third edition of the popular BluesCaravan Tour represents a logical next step. This carefully chosen trio of performers reflects the diversity and dedication of a growing generation of female blues players. The three ladies are now touring Europe and the USA, and they are scheduled to appear at the Nothin’ But The Blues Festival on July 20 in Bloomington, Illinois.

The CD is a studio album with producer Kevin Bowe (Tommy Castro, Paul Westerberg). The backing musicians are Billy Thommes – drums, Jim Anton – bass, Mark Lickteig – organ and background vocals, Bruce Mccabe – piano, and Kevin Bowe provides some backup vocals, percussion, and programming.

All three guitar slingers blast the instrumental first track like an exploding estrogen bomb. Trading leads and rhythm, the 3:17 frantically paced number is undoubtedly a killer when performed live, but seems just obligatory for the CD. The only other song featuring all 3 is better, as they both sing and play with real joy on Bill Davis’ “In the Basement.”

Across the album, the pacing is judicious with only two songs reaching four minutes. Three songs are sung by Potvin with two also being penned by her. Foley sings three of her own compositions, and Coleman sings one original, one by Kevin Bowe, and a funk laced cover of James Brown’s “Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothin’”.

Standouts include Potvin playing and singing the welling “Strong Enough To Hold You,” Sue Foley’s retro-sounding “Show Me,” and Coleman’s propulsive “Motor City.”

As long as you don’t expect magic that occasionally comes from collaborations, you’ll find this album energetic and competent with unedited side comments adding to the fun.

By James “Skyy Dobro” Walker -  Excellent

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