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Glenn Kaiser - Cardboard Box

Grrr Records

Glenn Kaiser plays, among other guitars, the now iconic cigar-box guitar, and the man does know how to play and sing. He writes songs for modern times, and they ARE the blues as they should be written, played and sung.

The strongest tunes on the CD are focused on the life of the homeless in Chicago (or in any big city). "Loading Dock", "Repurposed" and "Poverty Blues" are bitter, political, and timely without being preachy or doctrinaire.

.The title tune, "Cardboard Box" follows a family's descent from a house to the street and it is hard to use the word "elegant" to describe how he does it, but it is. "The Protest" brings a female singer, Ami Moss, into the mix, and she's well-worth your time.

Weaknesses? The A Capella "Hold Me", which is almost a filed holler but is more a sermon than a blues, the lament of "Opportunity Dance", and the exhortative "Life Your Life For A Change" which, nevertheless, has great singing and playing.

This man has clearly lived the blues, for he plays and sings like some of the best of Chicago's bluesmen. Buy it!.

EDITORS NOTE: Glenn Kaiser is a Christian Blues Musician and preacher who runs a mission that helps homeless people in the Chicago area. To see another review of this great CD on , CLICK HERE

Reviewer Gene Rankin is a retired lawyer, a blue-water sailor, and a blues musician and enthusiast for over 50 years.

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