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Glen Terry - Soul Searchin

I’ve enjoyed rediscovering Australian blues performers. Growing up, my father was ill a lot, and one thing we did as he convalesced at St. James’ Hospital in Chicago Heights was listen to an old Zenith Trans-Oceanic short wave radio. Radio Australia featured a weekly broadcast called “Dennis Gibbons Sings,” and he sang original folk songs about the bush, the open skies and the open road, and about his native land.

Well, I’m equally pleased to discover contemporary Australian blues artists like Andy “Sugarcane” Collins, Derrin Nauendorf, Suzannah Espie & Big Boy Lemonade, Chase the Sun, and Fiona Boyes. Some of these artists have played North America, most notably the award-winning Fiona Boyes, who has received many awards in Australia and many nominations for a W.C. Handy Award and Blues Music Award. Suzannah Espie and Big Boy Lemonade turned in an impressive performance at Pat O’Brien’s at last year’s International Blues Challenge, and I hope that they (as well as the others I’ve mentioned) can perform for US audiences soon.

With Soul Searchin, add Glen Terry to that list of Australian blues performers. He’s called Australia his adopted home, and assembled a talented and musically diverse crew for this 10-song CD that includes heavy helpings of soul blues (the title cut) to horn and guitar-fueled funk (“Maurice”). In addition to these choice cuts, I really like the “Sugar Blues Express” and the softer ballad, “Loved by My Woman.”

The CD is distributed by , and that site features links to many independent artists from all over the world, including Florida’s Joe Bonamassa and Illinois’ Steve Arvey. Check out Glen’s MySpace link for a full copy of his CD cover art – the centerfold montage shows Glen and his friends celebrating blues music – and samples of his songs. Australia has its own blues festival for Australia-based musicians and has two local societies affiliated with The Blues Foundation: The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society ( ) and the Sydney Blues Society ( ).

Reviewer Eric Steiner is President of the Washington Blues Society in Seattle, Washington. The Society was the recipient of the 2009 Keeping the Blues Alive Award in the blues organization category.

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