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Greg Nagy - Walk That Fine Thin Line

Big O Records

'Walk That Fine Line' is the debut album from Michigan's guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Greg Nagy. Nagy is also the guitarist in the popular blues band Root Doctor.

The title cut 'Walk That Fine Thin Line', features some tasty guitar work and soulful vocals from Nagy on this very commercial sounding track. 'For The Love Of A Woman' is an upbeat blues piece with some nice harmonies by the background singers and the band is in the pocket. 'Blues Will Take Good Care Of You' is a jamming track that could also make some contemporary jazz radio playlists.

Nagy comes down home with the funky 'Won't Cry' (a little short but so cool I had to listen again).'M&O Blues' is a walking blues with a tremolo sounding guitar giving the tune a nice effect.

'Sunrise' is another contemporary commercial track with great harmonies and excellent piano work by Al Hill. 'You Can Love Yourself' is a blues tune with a nifty hook. Nagy laments about love on the slow blues 'Not Falling In Love'. He brings us back with a rockabilly blues on 'Jenny, Jenny, Jenny'. The album ends with the Otis Redding like 'She's My Baby'.

Greg Nagy is truly an accomplished guitar player. He knows when to show his stuff and when not to. A lot of guitar players I have listened to seem to play all they know in each solo, so it's like, yeah, your fast but once you hear one cut you've heard it all. Not the case with Greg Nagy and he was a pleasure to listen to.

My favorite tracks are the title cut 'Walk That Fine Thin Line' and 'Wont Cry' but the whole CD is good and very radio friendly. I am sure blues radio promoter Todd Glazer up there in Alaska won't have any problem getting Greg Nagy some airplay...EXCELLENT RECORD!

Reviewer Michael Packer  is a singer-guitarist from NYC who fronts his own band "The Michael Packer Blues Band". He has been performing for over 40 years and has recorded on major labels Atlantic and RCA.

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