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Guitar Not So Slim - Bailout


10 Tracks: 45 mins: 21secs

Guitar Not So Slim is a band, not a person. Not only that, one does not often associate Spain with blues music, but here we have a Spanish band lead by an ex-pat Canadian, which offers a brand of blues that they, and everyone associated with the band, can be justly proud of. They bring you right-on music, steeped in blues and Americana, which, when you hear this CD, will leave you asking for more.
The band features: Troy Nahumko (AKA: Troy Chandler) on guitar and vocals, Canadian by birth with a long history (going back to age 17) of playing blues and working with top musicians in North America; Moi Martin on bass and vocals, who has an equally long history of working with blues bands in Spain (and is the co-producer of this CD); Jose Luis 'Harmonica' Naranjo playing harp (he also plays trombone) who brings sounds of jazz, west coast swing and even flamenco to his harmonica work); and, all round percussionist with enormous experience of all kinds of back line work, Lalo Gonzalez on drums.

The album is infused with and enlivened by some sensational piano/ Hammond work from Jim McKaba, from Jacksonville FL , plus some horns and some additional piano/ organ/ Rhodes piano work by some great Dutch musicians.

The album is Troy’s inspiration and bearing in mind that blues music has always been a source of social commentary and protest and, given that the bankers have brought Europe to its knees in much the same way as in north America, railing about the bailouts and the consequent austerity measures, is fully justified. The album allows Troy also to point to the current obsession with plastic surgery, consumerism and (bringing it home) the alleged laziness of Spaniards. On a personal level Troy gives us two instrumentals Adarveing (pronounced Ar-dar-vey ing) which is a catchy guitar-led piece about the street on which Troy lives, Adarve del Cristo in Caceres, en Espana, and, La Pequena Nur (Little Nur), Nur being the name of Troy’s newly born daughter.

There are many examples of dazzling musicianship on the album, Is That You…”I’ve Been wondering is that you”, comes with a terrific arrangement complete with super keyboard break and a driving horn section; Never Been Younger is worth listening to for the sax solo(s) alone; They’re Doing Fine sounds like Jimmy Reed in the 21st Century, comes with a fabulous piano part and is like a re-energised version of Reed’s, When You’re Doing Alright.

This is a fine band that deserves a big audience well beyond the confines of Spain. On their Reverbnation page there is a Bring This Band To London button. I’ve clicked it already!

Reviewer Ian McKenzie lives in England. He is the editor of Blues In The South ( a monthly flier providing news, reviews, a gig guide and all kinds of other good stuff, for people living and going to gigs along the south coast of England. Ian is also a blues performer (see and has two web-cast regular blues radio shows. One on www.phonic.FM  in Exeter (Wednesdays: 1pm Eastern/ 12 noon Central), the second on KCOR – Kansas City Online Radio (on Fridays at 1pm Eastern/ 12 noon Central).

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