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Hill Country Revue - Make A Move

Razor&Tie Records

While Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi All-Stars continues his other full time gig with the Black Crowes, brother Cody and bassist Chris Chew work with drummer Edward Cleveland, guitarist Kirk Smithhart and vocalist Daniel Robert Coburn in an outfit called Hill Country Revue.

And this is not a bad outfit. There's enough guitar dynamite on the CD "Make A Move" to burn a dozen rain forests.

Just a quick listen to the tune "Hill Country Revue" makes you realize these guys mean business as this song packs a tribal stomp with a barn-burner vengeance. There's a pop friendly approach in "You Can Make It" with it's soaring Allman Brother guitar lines.

The All-Stars have always looked up to blues patriarch R.L. Burnside. Most of the songs on this cd are written by Burnside's son Garry who contributes guitar, bass and vocals to some of the tunes. Luther Dickinson is another special guest along with guitarist Duwayne Burnside. It's a family affair. But it's one that rocks.

With this line-up, Cody Dickinson is able to play musical chairs. He is comfortable in any position. Whether it's strapping on a guitar, sitting behind the drumset or even playing the piano, Hill Country Revue sees him in many diverse roles.

Kirk Smithhart, a long time alumni of the Beale Street scene in Memphis, didn't have too bad a solo career. But even he has to admit his star is on the rise faster. His guitar work smolders and cooks all over the Burnside tracks.

With his tattooed physique, vocalist Coburn looks like he should be leading a heavy metal outfit. The kid has got the pipes to belt out the songs. He's not technically perfect. You don't care because the music itself combines juke joint dance, hard rock, blues and hill country boogie into a package that's hard to beat.

"Make A Move" is a fan pleaser for those who want their front porch blues awashed in Jack Daniels and serious guitar MOJO.

Review by Gary “Wingman” Weeks

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