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Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Pay Me No Mind

Northern Blues

Wow! These kids can play. They are collectively 37 years old and are as good as anyone out there three times there age. They got that hungry and lean sound that the old blues used to have. 15-year old Ryan Perry holds down the guitar and vocals like a young Buddy Guy used to up in Chicago. With 13-year old Kyle Perry on bass and sister Taya Perry at nine on drums, these kids have a long future ahead of them.

This family all hails from the great state of Mississippi and carry the musical heritage of the state around with them. With their dad Renaud Perry helping with harmonica and writing most of the songs, they keep the blues alive and well.

Check out young Ryan’s howl on the lowdown on the first track “Who Your Real Friends Are” and the soul of “Time For Change.”  Ryan also pegs John Lee Hooker with “Boom Boom.” It is not a two-bit version of this song but straight ahead boogie like John Lee used to do it.

These kids cover all the versions of the blues. They can put soul and funk and that nasty Chicago sound all into it. This CD has it all right here. Who said you have to be an old man or woman to sing blues? These young kids will show you all you have to have is that feel. They got that raw sound you would hear in a Mississippi Juke Joint or a South Side Chicago club. Kyle & Taya on the rhythm are in the pocket. They never sound too fast or too slow. “Boom Boom” is a hard song to play the rhythm to right. These kids have got it down pat. Also, check out that chug-a-lug sound of the song “Jealous” and you’ll see what I mean.

You might be a little hesitant for a kid to preach to you about the love and heartache between a man and a woman but young Ryan can preach it just as good as any old man can. Don’t let there age fool you. This is one of the best blues CDs I’ve heard this year. They may have come in second place in Memphis last year at that blues challenge but they proved that they don’t need a trophy to be the best. Definitely get your hands on these jamz cause they are spreading the blues so thick, it’s just like jelly roll.

By Jeremiah "Little Junior" James

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