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Interstate Buffalo - One Step Away

Self Release


Rip-roaring across the plains, here comes Little Rock Arkansas’ stampede of loud guitar-rock with all strings blazing on their first full length album. Kind of like The Allman Brothers Band with a heavy metal attitude and one “hot-shot” guitar slinger in the person of Stephen Compton. West Memphis native Jack Poff handles vocals with a commanding voice, as well as rhythm guitar duties. The drumming is of the “whack the crap outta everything variety. Power chords, screeching or Dickey Betts-like guitar are the order of the day, with occasional slashing slide guitar. There is no fear of dozing off to this stuff, and as an added bonus it will strip the paint from your walls.

Hold on tight there, buffalo wranglers, the adventure is about to commence presently. Searing slide guitar the atmosphere to bits as hard, crunching Heavy Metal meets the Allman Brothers Band to duke it out on “Down In A Bad Way”. Now that your speaker cabinets are dusted off, here comes “Harp On”, featuring a sharp, biting guitar riff and some John Popper-ish harmonica wailing. “Waitin’ Blues” has some acoustic guitar scraping away deep in the sound mix…Why? It’s irritating. What sounds like The Allman Brothers dueling with Canned Heat’s Henry Vestine is the instrumental “Cousin”, which blazes to a guitar noise finale. “St. Peter” tells some bad folks that their chances for getting into heaven are slim and none…”The black cat came, he was scratching curiosities’ door”. Acoustic rhythm guitar is used to good effect on this tune. “Old Friend” features a Black Sabbath-like riff and a false ending. A virtual “guitar feast” is in store in “Running After Shadows”. “#57” is pretty much “Ramblin’ Man” for “head bangers”.

This type of music is done up right by the band. A very skilled and varied guitar assault is unleashed over a bombastic rhythm section. Guitarist Compton is a master of his craft. His day job is that of a local guitar instructor. Jeff Poff has the heavy-duty pipes to be heard over the melee. This may or may not be your “cup of tea”, but one thing I can guarantee is that you will definitely know they were here.

Reviewer Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony hails from the New Jersey Delta.

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