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Izzy and Chris  - Preachin The Blues Vol I

80/20 Music Entertainment

Izzy was born in Weirton, West Virginia and began playing guitar at age 9.When he was 17 he went to New Orleans and his world changed when he picked up a copy of Robert Johnson's music at a flea market off Bourbon Street. Chris was born in St. Louis and by age 7 was playing piano. It wasn't until later in his life he began playing the harmonica. He became the harmonica player for the late great Pittsburgh guitar player "Smokin Joe' Bisgella.

'Steady Rollin Daddy' the first track on this marvelous CD features Izzy on guitar and vocals and Chris on harmonica. 'All I Ever Wanted' ,reminds me of the late Dave Van Ronk in finger styling and song content. 'Shame, Shame, Shame" and 'Leaving You' are both terrific blues about love gone wrong. You can practically see the train tracks when Chris blows his mournful harp. 'Back To Memphis' is about Izzy's desire to get back to Memphis where he placed third overall in the International Blues Challenge in 2007.They went back as a duo in 2008

'Flat Broke and Busted' is a song of the times and a song blues musicians and now ordinary people can relate you. 'If You Hear Me Crying' and 'Gotta Find My Baby' feature strong vocal, guitar and harp. 'Country Blues #5', sounds like they are in a house in the country and Izzy and Chris are just sitting on the front porch playing their instruments, occasionally waving to a car that might pass by. The whole CD kind of sounds like this, really down home. 'Fentanyl Blues' is a song about drug and alcohol withdrawal and the life of one addicted and losing it all. Sad ,but a great song. The CD ends with 'Preaching the Blues' and that's exactly what they do and they converted me.

Izzy and Chris have dedicated themselves to the blues. They sound older then their years. I guess the blues can make you age fast. They really have quite a unique authentic quality about them. I highly recommend this CD..

Reviewer Michael Packer  is a singer-guitarist from NYC who fronts his own band "The Michael Packer Blues Band". He has been performing for over 40 years and has recorded on major labels Atlantic and RCA.

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