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Jack Bruce and Robin Trower - Seven Moons Live DVD

Ruf Records

Filmed in the Netherlands of Holland, Seven Moons Live captures a performance of Jack Bruce and Robin Trower.

Working with drummer Gary Husband, this show bears no resemblance to the Cream Reunion at Royal Albert Hall or a typical Robin Trower gig. So if you are expecting to see these guys tear into "Day Of The Eagle" or "Bridge of Sighs," forget it.

While Husband doesn't have the innate jazz sensibilities of Ginger Baker, he can stretch himself maintaining a rock steady groove.

Compared to the Cream Reunion DVD, Jack Bruce seems to have to really push himself. He can still play the bass like a lead instrument although there is no freight train rolls he was once capable of.

Watching this you get the impression Robin Trower is doing this to help a friend out. Bruce does all the talking to the audience while Robin remains silent.

Most of songs making up this DVD come from the Seven Moons studio CD. If you have that CD, the live versions stick closely to the studio formats without too many areas of improvisation.

When they tackle Cream standards like "White Room" or "Politician," there is none of the fire that's found in the Cream renditions. Wisely Trower stays away from duplicating Eric Clapton's leads. But even using a wah-wah doesn't get these golden oldies off the ground. What does count is Robin is having fun. After leading outfits for many years, it's probably a pleasure for him to sit back and relinquish his role in the spotlight. So clearly there's no ego.

After a long outtro jam of "Sunshine of Your Love," Bruce announces they are beginning to get somewhere. Unfortunately after watching this entire set, you're left with the feeling these guys never got to where they were going. It's not unbearable to watch. Then again it's not exciting either.

Review by Gary "Wingman" Weeks

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