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Kim Field & the Mighty Titans of Tone - Blue Smoke

Harmonotone Records

Run Time: 70:27 (live recording)

The Northwest in recent years has been a hotbed for new blues talent. However, Kim Field and his Mighty Titans of Tone have been plugging away as barnstormers on their own and in various bands in Seattle WA for well over 30 years. Touting themselves as, “Little Walter brawling with the Thunderbirds while a spaghetti western soundtrack plays in the background,” make a sound statement on their national release.

Musicianship is the supreme element and talent in this band. Normally, dual lead guitars in a blues band frighten me a little as it leaves plenty of room for some wanking to occur. You’ll get none of that here. In this album full of mostly covers and usually touted as classic cuts, it leaves no room for said guitar vomit and the musicians prove it. Field has a pure harmonica tone and his voice instantly reminded me of Kim Wilson with its deep, rich baritone and emotion. Steve Yonck and Eric Daw are about as solid, tasteful and refreshing as they come when it comes to the guitar, just listen to the opening two instrumentals Pee Wee Clayton’s “Texas Hop” and Albert Collins’ “Don’t Lose Your Cool” and you’ll understand. Billy Spaulding and Brady Millard-Kish on drums and bass, sound like they’ve been playing together for years.

The album makes no bones about separating tracks as they were recorded over 2 nights in September last year in Seattle. With only one track running just a smidge over seven minutes, you won’t be bored with any senseless and endless jamming. The arrangements, like the band, are tight and to the point without losing any of its entertainment power.

The only fault I see in the whole production are the two vocal tracks handled by Spaulding and Daw. The vocals at best are a little weak while the musicianship carries the song. Magic Sam’s “You Belong To Me” and Ray Charles “A Fool For You” just are two tunes that have to vocally sound right and be played right to resonate. I tip my hat for the effort but, it does present a hole in the disc. However, the follow up to these two songs is the Henry Cooper/Field penned zydeco number “Dis Pas Ca” which jumps right back at you with the whole package.

The band is tight and Field is in his prime or better. Look for them as they branch out on a nationwide tour this year to support the album.

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