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Kelly Richey - Carry The Light
Sweet Lucy Records

By Gary Weeks

As a live performer, Richey goes all out. Tearing and slashing at the guitar, her music is always a full out assault without too much time to catch your breath. The stage is a liberation zone which Kelly embraces whole heartedly.

Kelly Richey's latest release Carry The Light finds the artist addressing important world social issues that in turn become strong lyrical statements. The CD divides itself between ballads, moderate paced numbers and smoking rockers.

Title track "Carry The Light" drives along the message of love and music underscored by scalding guitar lines. A slow paced "What In The World" finds a human race reflecting on their inner strengths and looking to rebuild a faith once lost. Here Kelly shows her usual guitar showmanship and evolving artistic abilities.

Kelly is not abandoning the rockier side of things either. Opening track "Leave The Blues Behind" is a fast gallop into guitar inferno "I Want You". A catchy riff makes "No More Lies" a candidate for a Govt Mule record with Kelly's fretwork being front and center. A dark force pervades "When All Is Said And Done" then transforms into positive waters with a glimmering solo.

The lyrical nature of "Time For A Change" makes this ballad a focused effort on achieving world unity. A unity counteracted by losing one's way on the gentle "Jericho Road".

While some of these numbers may be soap-boxy, they are reminders we live in a grim world. Corrupted as the human race is, Kelly knows the healing power of music. And of musicians deserving to carry the light, she has our many blessings.

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