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Lluis Coloma - Boogie Portraits

Swing Alley Records

Lluis Coloma is one of the few pianists in Spain able to recreate the primitive styles of the Blues. He is highly acclaimed in Europe having received numerous awards in excellence. Lluis was born in Barcelona and today is one of the most active and renowned pianists on the scene within the field of Blues and boogie woogie.

On Boogie Portraits Coloma has featured himself with 11 other Blues pianists from all over the world in live settings recorded at various venues.

The first track named after himself 'Colomas Boogie', he plays solo and it is a masterpiece of sound. It just amazes me how good he is and he is from Spain. Just goes to show you how universal the Blues is.

On 'Just a Little Walk with Thee', he is coupled with another European pianist August Tharrats. It's a rag time feel and I am sure their gods were swinging in heaven right along with them.

He is paired with the American Blues pianist Mitch Wood on the Muddy Waters tune 'Red Beans'. Nice vocal too from Mitch Wood.
' CC Rider' with Carl Sonny Leyland the British Blues pianist is also an excellent track. Lluis has a fun mambo coming at you with Julien Breunstaud which is simply great!

An upbeat boogie of Stephen Foster's 'Swanee River' with Detroit's Bob Seeley is just a gas to listen to. David Giorcelli who has been featured with Sugar Ray and the Bluetones plays on '44 Blues'.

'La Pirgua' is more of a jazz piece done in a minor key. Louis finds himself sitting across from the German pianist Mark 'Mr.B' Braun. Frank Mischalle who has worked with Rusty Zinn is featured on the raucous 'Honkey Tonk Blues Bar Boogie'.

Barrell House Chuck joins Lluis on the Chicago Blues piano style 'School Days on My Mind'.

French pianist Phillipe Le Jeune is featured on the jazz cut 'Stick with It'.The set closes with another Spanish great Bernat Font on 'El Noi de la Mare'.

Lluis Coloma has assembled some of the finest pianists in the world on this extraordinary collection. If you are a lover of Blues and boogie woogie piano this CD is for you. If you want a CD performed by the piano masters go out and buy this CD. EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Reviewer Michael Packer  is a singer-guitarist from NYC who fronts his own band "The Michael Packer Blues Band". He has been performing for over 40 years and has recorded on major labels Atlantic and RCA.

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