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Laurie Morvan Band
Cure What Ails Ya

Self-released Screaming Lizard Records
Run Time: 51:41

“Where are the girls with guitars?” Laurie Morvan sings on her new disc. Here’s one, she proudly says with every statement on her latest release. However, labeling her a blues-rocker is a bit of a misnomer. This girl is a rock girl. Plain and simple, she rocks and rolls over and over throughout the disc. Laurie’s rocking took her all the way to the finals of Best Self-Produced CD at IBC this year as well as rocked her way into the finals at the IBC. She’s definitely turning heads. She’s got two shows coming up with the great John Mayall to put it all into perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some blues in here folks. You can definitely tell her influences are grounded in the foundation of blues-rock. Check out “My Baby Says” and the blues-rock ballad “One Little Thing” where the title of the album finds it name from one of the lyrics.

Laurie’s experience on guitar is definitely what carries her throughout the disc. Her arpeggio-filled solos can be a little bit intrusive to some blues purists. However, she’s definitely a barrier-pushing musician who’s definitely opening the breadth of contemporary blues, by blending in the strong rock influence.

The Freddie King-esque “Wiggle Room” instrumental is definitely a shape changing workout on Laurie’s Strat, that screams from the roots of guys like Walter Trout, the late Jeff Healey, and Tinsley Ellis.

Laurie’s got a little ways to go on the vocals, but she has some ample help with her back up singers and the great keyboardist Dońa Oxford who guests on two tracks on the disc. However, it’s Laurie’s guitar tone that will make all the guitar fans out there perk up. She can hang with the big boys, and future releases will probably best demonstrate.

Though not a favorite of mine personally because it tends to lean more to rock than anything else, it’s well worth a listen for folks who are just getting into blues from other genre’s music. She’s a great introductory course into where the blues and it’s bounds have been pushed. And if you’re a lady out there who plays guitar, she’s bound to be an inspiration for you to pick up your guitar and go kick the guys in the ass!

Visit Laurie Morvan Band on the web at to purchase this CD or visit ITunes. Laurie is also on MySpace. Check her out in various other guitar magazines, as she continues to make waves as one of the best female guitarists going.

Ben Cox is a Blues Songwriter, Musician, DJ and Journalist.

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