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South Side Cindy & the Slip-Tones - Mighty Mighty
Sour Wine Records
Running Time: 36:13

By Ben Cox

 South Side Cindy & the Slip-Tones is a progressive blues band in the vein of Ana Popovic and Kenny Wayne Shepherd among others of this new blues world.

Single-handedly, bands like this have revived the riff rock and the classic blues-influenced guitar sounds of the 60s and 70s rock scene here in the States.

Cindy Youngren and her band kick you right in the face with the vocals and guitars on the first three tracks, wailing away like Janis Joplin or her reincarnate on the opening two tracks. Then, she comes right back and sucker-punches you with one of the few close-to-blues tracks “Milkman” on track 3, giving a smoldering vocal along with the in-the-pocket musicianship of this really tight band.

The next real hint at blues comes with “Out of Memphis” with the vocals being handled by back-up singer Wendy Gossett. Gossett gives the rollicking piano justice as you can feel yourself start to boogie woogie right along.

Youngren again helms the mast after that point, with some tracks that kind of run together with the rest. However, track 7 “I’ll See You Again” reaches down to some great southern gospel, and demonstrates some of the most heartfelt writing on the entire disc. Youngren and the band wrote all track on this disc, and in that respect, deserve great credit. The Slip-tones are just oozing with talent, but this effort doesn’t overly demonstrate their blues roots. For a rock crowd, they would be fantastic, especially in the veins of Janis Joplin, Ana Popovic or Joanna Connor, among others. Though deeply progressive blues, this band has some great horizons in store for it when it finds its true identity amongst many of the blues rock bands of today.You can purchase the CD at CD Baby or

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