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Nick Moss Helps Darwin’s  In Marietta, Georgia To Evolve...

EVOLUTION, Can Be X-tremely Cruel...

On the other hand, when you and your Blues posse of good buds are sitting locked into a stellar Blues groove in Marietta GA’s Darwin’s with Nick Moss and The Flip Tops, the absolute very best in imported Chicago Blues, evolution can just ROCK your little ole world !

As some of you may know. I live in the mountains of North Georgia. Where there are just too dang many live choices for Bluegrass or Kountry music up thar in the Ga hills, but every now and then I simply need a live & tasty Blues fix, in addition to something good to eat and lots of choices on very cold, Adult style beverages. Darwin’s is located on 120 near The Big Chicken on Highway 41 has a very long history of providing all of the above in a very consistent & professional manner with absolute top-shelf “Blues Joint” ambiance!

On Friday April 4th, I was thrilled to be in the audience to review Nick Moss and band. I was a little shocked however. that there was an opening band. Gene Owens & the Easy Hearts, are a self described, Alternative Country Rock band, & seemed to be a large. reverberating, clashing, CLANG-Cha-wang... in a die-hard, Blues club. Clearly, this was a mis-step, backwards toward the hillbilly swamp in the EVOLUTION of Darwin'sBlues. They pulled themselves together and seemed adequate, yet they REALLY needed a Country venue, to persecute with country tunes!

Finally, the TRUE CHICAGO Blusers Swat Team & Killer Quartet consisting of: Nick Moss - lead guitar vocals, & harp, Willie Oshawny on keyboards, Gerry Hunt on bass & on slide electric mandolin, and Vince Span on drums arrived to save the evening from Kountry-fried, ear, nose, throat & Soul pollution!

The Moss rhythm section, just sits firmly in the pocket and smokes it behind this Grrreat Chicago axe man blazing, & phrasing in his signature marinated in Muddy Waters vs. Mike Bloomfield, infused, electric Blues, authenticity. I have to say that I felt like “CATHEAD” Nunn had died and gone to Blues heaven on earth, ya’ll!

By Mike CATHEAD Nunn & Gary WINGMAN Weeks  Photos by “CATHEAD” Nunn

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