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Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band - Flip The Switch

Soundgate Productions

Scottyboy Daniel and his blues band play real, ensemble-style West Coast and Chicago blues with the kind of drive, feel, and authenticity that can only come from a labor of love. The band is based in the Kansas City, MO area and seems to be one of the big dogs in its region, making the finals in the 2008 KC Blues Challenge. One listen to Flip The Switch, their latest CD release, and it is easy to see why Scottyboy and friends are able to draw a crowd.

Daniel blows a harp that is not only mean, but is swinging and mellow as well, with one of the best recorded tones heard in recent years. He gets the tone that most harp guys seek and fall short of and then couples that with an economical, melodic soloing style that lights up the room. The rest of the group (guitarist Dave Hays, bassist Matt Browning, and drummer Ghan Bunyarattaphant) is equally good and function together as a rhythm section with a pocket that won’t quit. Guitarist Hays is a great foil for Daniel’s harp and displays a real knack for this type of blues, never going over into excess and always keeping it real.

The band doesn’t break any new ground as far as the tunes on the album, and, honestly, it doesn’t really matter. These guys are clearly devotees of the old ways and have studied them well. What makes an impact upon first listening is the sense of discipline within the band and how they keep the lid on the pressure cooker, so to speak; they never boil over and turn into blues/rock, but are always listening to and supporting each other.

“Flip The Switch”, “K Street Stomp”, and “Cried Last Night” are all winners, but there are no real dead spots here. Flip The Switch is a good effort from a group that should be a pleasure to watch develop. .

Review by Mike O'Cull

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