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Change From a Penny - South Side Cindy & The Slip Tones -
8 songs; 28:16 minutes;
Self Release

The only thing that could have made this album better would be releasing it as a DVD! With the album one gets the great, upbeat Blues-Rock with some R&B music of lead singer Cindy Youngren, but with a video one could see the fantastically classy stage show of Cindy & the Slip Tones. Minus the visuals, one is able to concentrate more on their creative lyrics, however.

Featuring 8 all original songs credited to the entire band, this is their second release since 2004.

It only takes a few seconds into the first song to discover the high energy and emotion contained in the entire CD. “Peace In This World” opens with E Johnson’s throbbing bass notes followed by Steve Youngren piercing the air with attention grabbing treble notes on his guitar. 24 seconds later, South Side Cindy’s buoyant and self confident voice comes in pleading for some global harmony. Before the end, Wendy Gossett adds her formidable vocals to the mix and Jim Donahue takes a lead on organ while Jeff Smucker keeps them all rock steady on drums.

The third track slows the pace with my favorite song on the album, the powerful, “Oh Road.”

Cleverly personifying a road as a seductive mistress, South Side Cindy pours out a plaintive question to the luring highway, asking what she has that takes the jilted lover’s man away leaving her standing alone. In the background, Wendy Gossett sends shivers as she sings “Oh road” at the end of each line.

More intelligent simile and metaphor are found in the title track as the protagonist demands why her man makes her feel like “Change From a Penny” when “I ain’t done anything wrong but love you.” The instruments perfectly set the mood here: this is not a whining “sweet little girl” anymore; this is a changed, confident woman insisting on an answer.

Unlike the title, this album is as gold as its cover! Highly Recommended  

 - James “Skyy Dobro” Walker

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