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Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - You Know You Love It

Jesi-Lu Records

I really like this girl and her band! Teresa has one of those voices kinda Shirley of Shirley and Lee, Kinda Brenda Lee definitely a Lee connection there that's great a sound petete and very strong at the same time, tough and tender! Love it! They play "Dirty Fast" which you can walk to or make love to and really nice Scrunch-in Slow songs. Lowdown Pro, they are and the way to go!

I've seen them live and they're great! The surprise on their new cd is the wide range of material, style, presentation and production, very top shelf stuff. I'm a feel kind of guy so here's what we're feelin' and its good! Teresa is a West Coast Aritha Soul Machine then a "Bad Girl Brenda Lee" Dancin' Root, Midnite Rocker with a Jelly Roll. The Junk in the Trunk is Bumpin' !

On the slow tunes you can feel the rain comin' down your face mixin' with your tears in her vocal and those killer sections underneath her working hard breaking it down for all of us. they get it!

"It might Be Memphis" Great work, my first favorite on this new cd. She lays it down for all the dance floor boys and girls from Texas to Beale Street in the best way! Everybody got Rendezvous BBQ Sauce stains on it and they lovin' it! Like I said in the beginning something you can walk and love to, and dance to.

Then on another tune she Bust Down that Funky Zoot Cat with her own Smokestack Lightnin' Heart Surgery. Nice and up to date with that soul from the origin - slick lightnin'!

On "Sunday Shoes" Teresa puts down a smokin honest lyric up in that Blue Church! A lovely re-walk down that aisle with happy tears showin' ! Mercy! my second favorite on this CD.

Teresa James and her Rhythm Tramps and the Bailout team she talks about have done it! Excellent Performances and Production with that hard to define secret sensual seduction down in the middle for you to find and really enjoy! "You Know You Love it" The Title track is Rockin', Stompin', Jumpin' , Line Dancin' Juke ala Austin City Wail!

This is a Sexy CC from front to back! Love it!

Reviewer John Lee Williamson is the head of Conjur Root Productions and a Veteran of the blues. He's based in Los Angeles and on the scene from the 50's til right now. 

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