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Teresa Lynne - Tear Drop Collector

Sugar Dog Productions

10 tracks

Teresa Lynne has been a fixture in Colorado blues for 21 years. This is my first exposure to her music and I wish I had heard of her earlier! A gripping vocalist and poignant harp player, Lynne is the real deal. She can belt out a tune with the best of them and can hold back and be equally effective with softer ballads. I hate to use stupid and prosaic comments, but one does not see that many female harp players of her caliber let alone female harp players in general. I was very, very impressed with this set of nine super originals and one outstanding cover.

I must admit that before I even played the CD I saw she was covering Gershwin's "Summertime" and I cringed a little. How many jazz singers have done that one and how many have hacked it up in a schmaltzy manner? Well, Lynne does a more than admirable job with it; she delivers a bluesy rendition with some exceptional harp work that really presents this standard in a whole new manner. It is a truly creative and well done cover. But even more impressive are the other nine songs that she wrote entirely or in part and delivers with gusto.

She opens with one of my favorites of the CD- "Dreamboat Sinkin'", where one can appreciate her ironic humor about how her man (the "dreamboat") is sinking in both her estimation and relationship. With beer and remote in hand and a growing gut, she calls out for a raft at the end of the track. I was both amused by her lyrics and impressed by her musicality. Chris Cain makes a guest appearance on this one, making it even more special. The title track is another excellent track, and she once again nails it. Bob Margolin appears on "Should Have Been Mine", a grooving and shuffling track where both Margolin and Lynne shine brightly. "Lucky Moon" is a beautiful slow cut where Lynne shows us here sultry side- well done! Top to bottom she has written some really nice songs and delivers them with exceptional vocals and some really piquant harp work.

Her band is equal to the task, featuring Rick Ross on guitar on the majority of tracks, Jimmy Lange on B3, Ritchie Foelsch predominantly on bass and Jerry Alan on drums for the most part; they are her regular band, The Dreamboats. Jerry Glaze adds some very sharp trumpet on "Summertime" and Jim Beckstein fills in admirably on piano on another. This CD will not disappoint you- I loved it and think blues fans really need to get to know this great singer, song writer and harp player! I recommend this one strongly!

Reviewer Steve Jones is secretary of the Crossroads Blues Society in Rockford, IL.

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